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We're excited about our 4-week series, CHRISTMAS AT THE MOVIES, where we’re featuring four classic holiday movies that will help to prepare for Christmas in a fun, enlightening, and memorable way!

Want to know what the movies are? You'll have to wait for each weekend to find out!

Christmas at the Movies: Home Alone

11/26/17 | Tim Harlow

Christmas at the Movies: Rudolph

12/3/2017 | Tim Harlow

Christmas at the Movies: Christmas Vacation

12/10/2017 | Tim Harlow
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The Power of Gratitude to Change Your Life

11/19/17 | Todd Clark
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11/12/17 | Tim Harlow
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Power to Become

10/15/17 | Todd Clark

Wisdom to Discern

10/22/17 | Tim Harlow

Trust the Process

10/29/17 | Tim Harlow

Faith to Start

11/5/17 | Todd Clark
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When the disciples asked Jesus how they should pray, He talked about simple words and humble attitudes, checking the fluff, pretense, and ego at the door. In The Lord’s Prayer, Jesus gives us all a perfect model for talking to God that aligns our hearts with His heart.

Prayer is about real answers to real questions. And when we say Dear God, He is listening.

Can We Really Trust You?

9/10/17 | Tim Harlow

How Can We Fix the World?

9/16/17 | Tim Harlow

What About Our Needs?

9/24/17 | Todd Clark

How Do We Let It Go?

10/1/17 | Tim Harlow

Why the World is so Broken?

10/8/17 | Tim Harlow
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Week 1

8/6/17 | Todd Clark

Week 2

8/13/17 | Tim Harlow

Week 3

8/20/17 | Tim Harlow

Week 4

8/27/17 | Tim Harlow

Week 5

9/3/17 | Chaz Robbins
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A Man Who Ran

7/9/17 | Todd Clark

Running to God

7/16/17 | Tim Harlow

Running with God

7/23/17 | Todd Clark

Running Against God

7/30/17 | Todd Clark
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Becoming Curious

7/2/17 | Casey Tygrett
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Father's Day 2017

6/18/17 | Tim Harlow

David & Goliath

6/25/17 | Todd Clark
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It's a Long Way to the Top

5/21/17 | Tim Harlow

Highway To Hell

5/28/17 | Todd Clark

Money Talks

6/4/17 | Tim Harlow


6/11/17 | Tim Harlow
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Easter Changes Everything

4/16/17 | Tim Harlow

You're Fired

4/23/17 | Tim Harlow

A Killer Sermon - Literally!

4/30/17 | Todd Clark

Donkey Talk

5/7/17 | Tim Harlow

Let's Make a Deal - A Mother's Day Miracle

5/14/17 | Tim Harlow
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Holy God

3/19/17 | Tim Harlow

Take Me to the Cleaners

3/26/17 | Todd & Rene Clark

Behind the Veil

4/2/17 | Tim Harlow

The Goat Has Left the Building

4/9/17 | Tim Harlow
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2/12/17 | Pastor Todd Clark


2/19/17 | Dr. Tim Harlow


2/26/17 | Dr. Tim Harlow


3/12/17 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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Small Matters

3/5/17 | Greg Nettle
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Based on Dr. Bruce Wilkinson's book "Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs: The Powerful Principle of the Three Chairs," Pastor Tim shows how, even in middle of the morally challenging culture that surrounds us, a passionate and fulfilling relationship with God is not only possible, it is something that we can have in our lives every single day.

Join us as we talk about the three chairs, and what they can teach us about living the life of our dreams.

Three Chairs

2/5/17 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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Do you ever feel like your life is in need of some relationship rehab? We’re not talking total demolition here. After all, you’re completely loved by the God who made you. And for the most part, your friends and family are people you dearly love. But a little relationship renovation can go a long way toward helping you live the life you were meant to live.

As we begin the new year with a fresh start, let’s get together and talk about making the changes that matter most.

A Strong Foundation

1/8/17 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Check Your Wiring

1/15/17 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Thinking Outside the Blueprint

1/22/17 | Dr. Tim Harlow

The Security System

1/29/17 | Pastor Todd Clark
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New Year's Service

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Spend Christmas Together

12/23/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Christmas Opener



Food Fight

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Unwrap the Gift of Peace

12/4/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Unwrap the Gift of Joy

12/11/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Unwrap the Gift of Hope

12/18/16 | Pastor Todd Clark

Parkview Christmas Concert 2016

11/30/16 | Parkview Worship Team
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How to Love Those People

11/6/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

How to Love Your Bank Account

11/13/16 | Pastor Todd Clark

How to Love Your Family This Thanksgiving

11/20/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

How to Talk to God

11/27/16 | Pastor Gene Appel
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God Wants You to Be Happy

10/2/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

It Doesn't Matter What You Believe

10/9/16 | Pastor Todd Clark

It Doesn't Matter What You Do

10/16/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

10/23/16 | Pastor Rick Rusaw

God Won't Give You More Than You Can Handle

10/30/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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I Doubt the Reliability of the Bible

9/11/16 | Pastor Todd Clark

I Doubt the Existence of God

9/18/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Round Table

9/25/16 | Tim Harlow, Casey Tygrett and Todd Clark
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Ferris Bueller's Day Off

8/7/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow


8/14/16 | Pastor Todd Clark


8/21/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

The Martian

8/28/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Jurassic World

9/4/16 | Dr. Casey Tygrett
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Get Wisdom

6/26/16 | Pastor Todd Clark


7/3/16 | Dr. Casey Tygrett


7/9/16 | Pastor Todd Clark


7/17/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow


7/24/16 | Pastor Todd Clark


7/31/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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You know how it is. You toss and turn and watch the clock, but sleep just will not come. During this series, we’ll be talking about some of the things that keep us up at night, and what to do about them.

What if Something Bad Happens? Mother's Day

5/8/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Taya Kyle Interview

5/8/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow, Denise Harlow and Taya Kyle

I Worry About Everything!

5/15/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

I Worry About My Future

5/22/16 | Pastor Todd Clark

I Worry About Change

5/29/16 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

If I Should Die Before I Wake

6/5/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Water Walker

6/12/16 | Pete Wilson

Will My Kids Turn Out Alright?

6/19/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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What Happens When We Have Faith?

3/20/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Dare to Believe (Easter)

3/27/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Dare to Imagine

4/2/16 | Todd Clark

Dare to Give My Best

4/10/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Dare to Go Viral

4/17/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Dare to Be Generous

4/24/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Commitment Weekend

5/1/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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Week 1: Does Prayer Really Work?

2/7/16 | Pastor Todd Clark

Week 2: What's the Difference Between Parkview & the Catholic Church?

2/14/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: Is Jesus the Only Way to God?

2/21/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 4: How Would Jesus Vote?

2/27/16 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

Week 5: Is There Room for LGBTQ People in the Church?

3/6/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow & Caleb Kaltenbach

Week 6: Why Does God Do Miracles and Also Allow Evil?

3/13/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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Week 1: We All Suck

1/10/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Healing Bite Wounds

1/17/16 | Pastor Todd Clark

Week 3: Living Garlic

1/31/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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Matt Forte

1/24/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow and Matt Forte
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1/3/16 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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After The Angels Have Gone

12/27/15 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

After The Angels Have Gone

12/27/15 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

Week 1: You Have Hope

12/6/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: You Have Purpose

12/13/15 | Pastor Todd Clark

Week 3: Christmas Eve - Do Not Be Afraid

12/23/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Christmas Service Opening 2015


After The Angels Have Gone

12/27/15 | Dr. Casey Tygrett
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Apple-Jacked by Money

11/15/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Apple-Jacked by Sex

11/22/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Apple-Jacked by Power

11/29/15 | Pastor Naeem Fazal
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When is the last time you thought about the state of your soul? The health of your soul isn't just a matter of being a Christ-follower or not. It's the difference between a deeply satisfying relationship with God and a restless, dispassionate faith.

During this 5-week series, we’re going to challenge you a bit. Being the keeper of a soul isn’t an easy job, but apparently God trusts us more than we trust ourselves because He’s given us that job to do.

Week 1: Ruined

10/11/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Remodeled

10/18/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: Rested

10/25/15 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

Week 4: Rewarded

11/1/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 5: Redeemed

11/8/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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10/4/15 | Hugh Halter
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Have you noticed that there's a lot of buzz about churches these days, especially large ones like ours? Questions like “Does the Church just want my money?” Or “Is it really just about the numbers and the church just wants to get big?” Or “What’s with all the lights and smoke – is this just one big show?”

Well, the best thing to do with rumors is to take them head on and that’s what we’re going to do.

Week 1: The Church is Just a Big Show

9/13/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: The Church Just Wants My Money

9/20/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: The Church Just Wants to Get Big

9/27/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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It’s been said that to live without risk is to risk not living, and there’s so much truth in that statement. When we play it safe in life and don’t risk taking that step of faith, there’s no way we can be everything God has designed us to be.

So for four weeks we’re going to talk about the value of taking risks and how that looks in our everyday lives, with God and with each other.

Week 1: A Life of Servanthood

8/16/15 | Gene Appel

Week 2: One God is Worthy of Our Worship

8/23/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: Authentic Relationships

8/30/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 4: Walk Across The Room

9/6/15 | Pastor Mike Breaux
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Summer @ Parkview is a unique and refreshing experience, as we hear from a wide diversity of voices from within and beyond our church. From Casey Tygrett and Chaz Robbins to Jodi Hickerson and Rick Rusaw, Summer 2015 is going to ROCK!

Week 1: Let Freedom...Love

7/5/15 | Pastor Chaz Robbins

Week 2: Curious

7/12/15 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

Week 3: Life on Loan

7/19/15 | Pastor Rick Rusaw

Week 4: Bread & Wine

7/26/15 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

Week 5: I've Got Good News

8/2/15 | Pastor Jodi Hickerson

Week 6: Seek First

8/9/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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In Broken Chains, Pastor Tim did a live interview with Cody Huff, who has one of the amazing stories included by Lee Strobel in his latest book, "The Case for Grace."

Cody’s story includes crime, homelessness, drug addiction, and the lowest point of digging through dumpsters for scraps of food. Just when he felt that he was beyond hope, a local church reached out with a shower, a hug, and the love of Jesus, and Cody went from hopeless to hope-filled.

Please enjoy this miraculous story of the transforming power of God’s love and grace.

Broken Chains

Dr. Tim Harlow & Cody Huff
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FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND is always a crazy time at Parkview! If you have men in your life who are BORN TO BE WILD, make sure to invite them to check out all the fun, and for a no-frills message that will help them become the men God created them to be!

Dad's Day '15: Born To Be Wild

6/21/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Father's Day Entrance 2015

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It's an interesting thought, right? Jesus misplaced. Jesus mis-placed.

The religious leaders sure thought he was. What was this up-and-coming Rabbi who wowed them with his preaching in the synagogue when he was just 12 years old doing hanging out "there" with "them"?

They thought Jesus was always at the wrong place with the wrong people.But Jesus was never misplaced. He was exactly where He wanted and needed to be. And that place is no different for us.

Loving people where they are. Having fun with people where they are. Sharing life with people - exactly where they are.

Week 1: Right In Front of Your Face

5/17/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Party Like It's 1999!

5/24/15 | Pastor Naeem Fazal

Week 3: Haters Gonna Hate

5/31/15 | Pastor Naeem Fazal

Week 4: Don't Let Them Scare You Away

Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 5: A Guy Walks into a Bar

6/14/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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Lives Radically Changed by the Transforming Power of God’s Grace

Week 1: Meeting the God of Grace

4/12/15 | Lee Strobel

Week 2: You are Never Too Far From God's Grace

4/19/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: The Thing About Grace...

4/26/15 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

Week 4: We Will Never Get this Right

5/2/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 5: Happy Mother's Day - Grace for Moms

5/10/15 |Dr. Tim Harlow | Rachel Harris | Denise Harlow
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In today's high-pressure, ultra-competitive, fast-paced culture, it's easy to believe that winning is everything. That if you come in second, you're simply the first loser. Win at all costs. Never surrender.

That's why Easter can be difficult to understand. Because Easter is all about surrender. God surrendered His Son and Jesus surrendered His life. Willingly. Graciously. Compassionately. Selflessly. Lovingly.

As the cross and the empty tomb perfectly demonstrate, the only way to win in every way that counts is to wave the white flag. Jesus surrendered everything for us, and He invites us to trust everything to Him.

White Flag

4/5/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

White Flag: Full Service


I Surrender


Only King Forever


Uptown Funk - Parkview Easter Parody

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One of the most frustrating things for many Christians is to hear the way the world sometimes views our God. Words like judgmental, vengeful, angry, distant, uncaring, and unfair come to mind. Kind of like Bruce in the movie Bruce Almighty, who viewed himself as an ant, and viewed God as a mean kid sitting on an anthill with a magnifying glass...burning off his feelers and watching him squirm.

It is so sad that many of these misconceptions about God keep people from finding His love, grace, mercy, and the incredible things that can happen in their lives when they have a relationship with Him.

During this series, we will be debunking all the myths and introducing you to The God I Wish You Knew.

Week 1: God is Our Father

2/22/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: God Guides Us

3/1/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: God Speaks to Us

3/8/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 4: God is Big

3/15/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 5: God Transforms Us

3/22/15 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

Week 6: God Loves Us as We Are

3/29/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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God For The Rest of Us

2/15/15 | Vince Antonucci
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Nobody plans for it to happen. Nobody wakes up one morning and thinks, "Hmmm...I wonder how I can wreck my life today." But plan it or not, relationship troubles, harmful, addictive behaviors, and cutting God out of our lives can leave us in a mess, looking around at the wreckage and wondering, "How in the world did I end up here!?!"

The path to a totally wrecked life is shockingly easy unless you know the signs to watch for. But no matter how wrecked you are, there is ALWAYS hope.

Week 1: How to Commit Adultery

1/18/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: How to Lose Your Faith

1/25/15 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

Week 3: How to Be Dissatisfied

2/1/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 4: How to Be an Addict

2/8/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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As we enter the new year, MOVE is a can’t miss message about chairs, commitment, and living the very best possible life!

MOVE is sure to leave you encouraged, energized, and ready to take on all the joys and challenges that the future holds.


1/11/15 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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In 1995, Ray McElroy was selected as the fourth round draft pick by the Indianapolis Colts where he played for four years. He then went on to play for the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions.

Ray is the former Team Chaplain for the Chicago Bears and a full-time professional, motivational speaker who for the past 9 years has been bringing a life-changing message to the masses.

Playing To Win

1/4/15 | Ray McElroy
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If approached with an open heart, Christmas can be a beautiful spectrum of life-changing moments and unending possibilities.

Join us as we explore The Colors of Christmas.

Week 1: Blue

12/7/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Red

12/14/14 | Tim Sutherland

Week 3: White (Christmas Eve)

12/23/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Christmas Service Opening




A Very Angry Bears Fan Christmas


Week 4: Green

12/28/14 | Dr. Casey Tygrett
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Naeem Fazal was born and raised as a Pakistani in Kuwait, and he grew up in a Muslim household. He was a teenager in the midst of the Gulf War, and came to the United States in 1992.

After coming to the states, Naeem had a supernatural experience with Christ that changed the course of his life, and he will share his story with us.

Pursued By Love

11/30/14 | Pastor Naeem Fazal
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Week 1: A Godly Perspective on Money

11/9/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Act Your Wage

11/16/14 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

Week 3: Putting God First

11/23/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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As His followers, Jesus calls us to be witnesses - to tell our stories. We don’t have to be experts in theology or know all the answers about the Bible. We do have to be willing to tell people why we believe , and how we have been changed by the hope that is in us.

Really, that’s what it means to live life on mission. To see the opportunities right in front of us: opportunities to tell our stories in a way that will change someone’s destiny.

Welcome to your LIFE ON MISSION!

Week 1: Overview

9/28/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Connect

10/5/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: Serve

10/12/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 4: Share

10/19/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 5: Grow

10/26/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 6: Pray

11/2/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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A Highly Unlikely Conversion Story

9/21/14 | Caleb Kaltenbach
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Week 1: You Can Run But You Can't Hide

9/7/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Total Eclipse Of The Heart

9/14/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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Week 1: Parkview Strategy #1

8/17/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Parkview Strategy #2

8/24/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: How Do I Grow?

8/31/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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In The Gap

8/10/14 | Choco De Jesus
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A Fresh Start

7/6/14 | Dave Stone

Spoke and Hub

7/13/14 | Ben Cachiaras

Why This Church Matters

7/20/14 | Cal Jernigan

The Transfiguration

7/27/14 | Eddie Lowen

About Seeds

8/3/14 | Mike Baker
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Week 1: In

6/8/14 | Chaz Robbins

Week 2: Out

6/22/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: Beyond

6/29/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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PFC Aaron Toppen Memorial Service

image description

Father's Day 2014

Dr. Tim Harlow & Mike Singletary | 6/15/14


image description

Week 2: What Happens In Vegas...

5/4/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: What Men Need to Know

5/18/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 4: What Women Need to Know

5/25/14 | Shaunti Feldhahn

Week 5: What's Getting in the Way?

6-1-14 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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Pastor Tim's Exclusive Interview with Duck Dynasty's Miss Kay

5/11/14 | Tim & Denise Harlow and Miss Kay




Parody of "Royals" by Lorde
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Week 1: The Chasm

4/13/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: The Bridge

4/20/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Kid History


Spoken Word


What Love Is This

image description

The Good Samaritan

4/6/14 | Pastor Rick Rusaw
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Week 1: Anger

2/16/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Greed

2/23/14 | Pastor Gene Appel

Week 3: Sloth

3/2/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 4: Lust

3/9/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 5: Gluttony

3/16/14 | Pastor Tim Sutherland

Week 6: Pride

3/23/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 7: Envy

3/30/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow
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Week 1: Building Margin In Your Life

1/19/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Spiritual Margin

1/26/14 | Dr. Casey Tygrett

Week 3: Physical Margin

2/2/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 4: All Work and No Margin Make Jack a Dull Boy

2/9/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Leave Me the Mattress

image description

Signs You See At Parkview

1/12/14 | Dr. Tim Harlow
image description

Michael Franzese

1/5/14 | Michael Franzese
image description

How To Cure A Christmas Hangover

12/29/13 | Dr. Casey Tygrett
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Week 1: Messy Lives

Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Messy Families

Pastor Tim Sutherland

Week 3: Messy People (Christmas Eve Service)

Dr. Tim Harlow

What Does the Claus Say?


The Christmas Story - Kids Style!



image description

Week 1: Hopelessness Is Nothing

Pastor Derrick Puckett

Week 2: Poverty Is Nothing

Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: Satan Is Nothing

Naeem Fazal
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Week 1: Why God?

10/6/13 | Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 2: Why Jesus

Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: Why The Bible?

Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 4: Why Science?

Lee Strobel

Week 5: Why Baptism?

Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 6: Why Suffering?

Dr. Tim Harlow
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Open Doors

Dr. Tim Harlow
image description

Week 1: Pursued for Relationship

Brian Hunt

Week 2: Pursued by Grace

Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 3: Pursued Relentlessly

Dr. Tim Harlow

Week 4: Pursued to Become

Dr. Casey Tygrett







Worship & Drama

image description

Week 1: How Did I Get Lost?


Week 2: Survival Guide - Managing My Resources


Week 3: Smoke & Mirrors


Week 4: I Once Was Lost, But Now I’m Found










Joy and Chris' Story of Financial Peace!

image description

Why I Love The Church



image description

Week 1: Good


Week 2: Beautiful


Week 3: True


Worship and Drama




Worship and Drama




Week 4: The Good, Beautiful and True God

image description

Week 1: The Crazy Cycle


Week 2: Beyond Ordinary


Week 3: Crazy Respect & Love


Week 5: Opening A Closed Spirit




Worship and Drama





image description

Dad Dynasty




Father's Day Entrance 2013

image description

Week 3: Then What?




All About Heaven - Kids Say The Darndest Things


Week 2: Prep Your Family


Worship and Drama


Week 1: Prep Yourself



image description

Week 14: A Kingdom Torn In Two


Week 15: God's Messenger


Week 16: The Beginning of the End


Week 17: The Kingdoms' Fall


Week 18: Daniel in Exile


Week 19: The Return Home


Week 20: The Queen of Beauty and Courage


Week 21: Rebuilding The Walls


Week 22: The Birth of the King


Week 23: Jesus' Ministry Begins


Week 24: No Ordinary Man


Week 25: Jesus, The Son of God


Week 26: The Hour of Darkness


Week 27: The Resurrection (Easter)


Week 28: A New Beginning


Week 29: Paul's Mission


Week 30: Paul's Final Days


Week 31: The End of Times

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Christmas Prelude & Worship


Christmas: Between The Trees


Christmas: Candle Lighting

image description
The Story

Week 1: Creation ~ The Beginning of Life As We Know It


Week 2: God Builds A Nation


Week 3: Joseph ~ From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh


Week 4: Deliverance